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I supported:
To increase purchasing power, strengthen economic recovery, and restore fairness in financing higher education in the United States through student loan forgiveness, caps on interest rates on Federal student loans, and refinancing opportunities for private borrowers, and for other purposes.
S. 2210: A bill to provide that Members of Congress shall not receive a cost of living adjustment in pay during 2013.

S. 2204: A bill to eliminate unnecessary tax subsidies and promote renewable energy and energy conservation.

 I am opposed to:
The Ryan Budget for FY 2013 (Path to Prosperity)
Establishing the budget for the United States Government for fiscal year 2013 and setting forth appropriate budgetary levels for fiscal years 2014 through 2022.

Photo of the Week of 18 March 2012

Repealing the Affordable Care Act would hurt millions of people.  I wish there were more informative pictures such as this floating around

Stupidest Comment of the Day: 19 March 2012

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Stupidest Comment of the Day: March 17 2012

  • not re electing that poopskined hawaiin. he raped his daughters look it up.
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Some people are disgustingly vulgar

7 Ways Violence Against Women Act Helps, 1 Party that Doesn't Want It

Republicans are against the Violence Against Women Act that would

-Expand the definition of domestic violence to include same sex couples
-Provide grants to battered women's shelters
-Expand efforts to help battered women in Indian tribes and rural areas
-Increase the availability of free legal assistance to victims of domestic violence
-Extend the definition of violence against women to include stalking
-Provide training for civil and criminal court personnel to deal with families with a history of violence
-Would help battered illegal immigrants by granting temporary visas so they can escape their abusive spouse and seek legal action.