55 Lies About Obamacare

Each of these statements is a lie refuted by Pulitzer Prize-winning site Politifact.com. Click on the link to learn more about why each of these statements is completely untrue.

Top 10 Lies
  1. 30%-80% of doctors will quit, or are considering quitting, because of it. (#1 and #51)
  2. Special needs families pay more in taxes. It is a tax hike on the middle class. (#2, #22, #23, #24, #53, #54, #55)
  3. There is a panel that rations health care. There is a panel that decides if you continue treatment. There is a panel that rations Medicare. The elderly stop receiving health care after a certain age. Bureaucrats will stand between you and your doctor. (#4, #8, #9, #10, #28, #40, #42 and #50)
  4. You can go to jail for violating the Affordable Care Act. (#6)
  5. It is a government takeover of health care.  ( #7, #12, #16, #40 and #47)
  6. It will increase unemployment. It already has increased unemployment. (#14, #15, #19 and #29) 
  7. It will increase the national debt. (#13, #20 and #46)
  8. You will have to give up your insurance. (#21)
  9. It provides free, or nearly free, abortions. (#18 and #27)
  10. Thousands of new IRS agents will be needed to implement it (#11 and #34)
Full List of Lies

  1. New England Journal of Medicine survey found 30 percent of doctors would quit if health reform bill passed
  2. Families with special needs children will pay $13 billion more in taxes
  3. "Taxpayer-funded benefits to illegals" in California are "a skyrocketing cost under Obamacare."
  4. The elderly will be denied care when they have "passed the age limit for treatment."
  5. "I lost my health insurance and my doctor because of Obamacare."
  6. Violators of Obama health care reform face prison time
  7. Romney calls Obama's health care law a government takeover
  8. Gingrey claims federal health care board can decide if you get dialysis, chemo
  9. Government bureaucrats will determine when you get a CAT scan once the new health care law begins
  10. "These 15 political appointees (on the IPAB) will make all the major health care decisions for over 300 million Americans."
  11. The IRS will hire 19,500 new workers because of health care mandate
  12. Chris Christie slams health care reform as “a government takeover of health care”
  13. Repealing health law saves $95 billion a year
  14. "Obamacare ... will kill jobs across America."
  15. "Since ObamaCare and the stimulus passed, the unemployment rate in the U.S. has increased."
  16. After 'Obamacare,' all Americans will be dependent on the federal government
  17. Will cost nearly twice as much as initially expected
  18. Includes $1 abortions
  19. "Will be the biggest job-killer ever."
  20. Will "add trillions of dollars in debt."
  21. 20 million Americans will lose insurance they like and want
  22. “75 percent of the Obamacare tax falls on the middle class”
  23. Taxes in health care law do not "discriminate between rich and poor"
  24. "Obamacare" is largest-ever tax on middle class
  25. The health care law includes "a 3.8% sales tax" on "all real estate transactions."
  26. Would provide "free health care for illegal immigrants."
  27. Provides full federal funding for abortions
  28. Under the new health care law, "the first person (a) patient has to go to is a bureaucrat. That is called a panel."
  29. The health care law is "job killing."
  30. Gun ownership information could be recorded and collected by the federal government and insurance companies
  31. Contains "a series of slush funds, set up to stay on the books automatically, with little or no oversight."  
  32. Eliminated inexpensive child-only insurance policies
  33. For the first time in U.S. history, a personal inaction will be deemed unlawful -- not purchasing a health-insurance plan
  34. 16,500 IRS agents needed for health reform.
  35. "Unions don’t have to comply with Obamacare."
  36. Medicare premiums going up due to “Obamacare”
  37. Makes a "a Medicare IRS with the power to cut Medicare in order to pay for new government programs."
  38. Advisory board can ration care and deny Medicare treatments
  39. Mitt Romney says Barack Obama is “ending Medicare as we know it.”
  40. Eliminates doctor-patient relationship
  41. "Medicare will be bankrupt in nine years." Blames Obamacare.
  42. Patients’ power to control health-care decisions would be given to payment advisory board
  43. "Obamacare" denies millions "access to affordable insurance"
  44. Slapped Ohio small businesses with a $500 billion tax increase
  45. 20 million seniors could lose coverage under the health care law
  46. Mitt Romney says 'Obamacare' adds trillions to the deficit
  47. "A government takeover of healthcare." 
  48. A company with "20 employees" could go "out of business" because of health care law requirements to buy insurance.
  49. States still face a "mandate" to expand Medicaid coverage
  50. Health law puts government in between patients and doctors, Mitt Romney says
  51. 83 percent of doctors are considering quitting due to Obamacare
  52. The cost is $2 trillion, 'double what we were promised'
  53. Will ultimately be the 'biggest tax increase in history"
  54. "Obamacare" represents "the largest tax increase in the history of the world."
  55. "Obamacare" is the "biggest tax increase in American history."

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