Obama V GOP 17 June 2011

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Big gain by "any GOP" against Obama. Modest gains for Romney, Pawlenty and Palin. Huntsman and Cain new to RCP. The rest see modest losses against Obama.

RCP average:

Obama beats any GOP by 2.2 (Last 5)
Obama beats Romney by 5.2 (Last 6.4)
Obama beats Paul by 11 (Last 8)
Obama beats Pawlenty by 13.7 (Last 14.1)
Obama beats Huntsman by 14 (Last N/A)
Obama beats Gingrich by 14.7 (Last 13)
Obama beats Cain by 15.7 (Last N/A)
Obama beats Bachmann by 17.7 (Last 17)
Obama beats Palin by 18 (Last 19.5)

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