Republican Side of the Debt Ceiling Debate is Asinine

Obama was willing to give the GOP practically every cut they wanted and nobody would budge on giving the Democrats one single concession. The Democrats wanted mostly tax increases, the Republicans wanted all cuts. Obama wanted 1 trillion in revenue increases and 3 trillion in spending cuts. The GOP didn't give Obama or the Democrats anything. They instead waste their time trying to get enough support in the House for bills that won't get off the ground on the Senate. Do they know that the Senate and Obama have to go along with it too? They are either being disingenuous and playing politics over helping the nation OR they are so stupid that they honestly don't understand that they need the support of the Democrats to do anything.

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Opinion: Why We Haven't Recovered

A lot of people are wondering why we haven't recovered fully from the recent recession.  Conservatives have been saying that Obama's policies will kill jobs.  When people hear that, they become uncertain of what tomorrow will bring.  Today may be their last pay check.  So they decide not to buy the car or the new house or the new expensive electronic.  The corporations see this drop in sales and also begin worrying about tomorrow.  Instead of hiring a new employee, they put money in the bank.  Instead of holding on to everyone, other companies let a couple people go to to ensure that will make a profit next quarter.  Now that people see these layoffs, they are even more worried.  This restarts the cycle of uncertainty.  Employers are also worried about the many European nations flirting with default.  If the global economy tanks next month, it wouldn't be a good idea to hire new people today.  If the debt ceiling problem is resolved there is no actual problem with the economy; the largest impediment to our recovery is uncertainty.  Every politician and personality saying that people will lose their jobs is adding to the fear and CAUSING these people to lose their jobs.  We don't need more uncertainty, we need more optimism.

Message From DCCC: Stand with Obama on Debt Ceiling

President Obama is right: We cannot allow Republicans’ political game-playing to jeopardize the full faith and credit of America’s economy.

Time is nearly up. We must send an immediate, forceful message to Speaker Boehner and Tea Party Republicans -- we stand with President Obama and against Republicans’ childish games.

Sam, can we count on your support?

Contribute $3 or more right now to show your support for President Obama and to hold Speaker Boehner and the Republicans accountable >>

Today, Speaker Boehner was caught groveling to Rush Limbaugh in private, asking for permission to try his latest political scheme before even telling his own Republican caucus about it.

The fact is, right-wing special interests, radio hosts, and Tea Party extremists have taken over the Republican Party. And these radical Republicans are just days away from plunging our economy off a cliff in order to slash Social Security and Medicare while protecting tax breaks for billionaires and big oil.

Now, with our entire economy at stake, it’s critical that we stand strong and united against Republicans’ all-out assault on the middle class.

Contribute $3 or more today to show your support for President Obama and to hold Speaker Boehner and the Republicans accountable for pushing our economy to the brink in order to score points with the Tea Party >

Thanks for your immediate support.

Rep. Steve Israel
DCCC Chairman

P.S. Your dollars are being put to work immediately. Our “We Don’t Quit” campaign is launching in 60 Republican districts but we need your support to keep up the pressure.Contribute today.

Message from Obama For America: Recruit 50 People for Obama's 50th

A few weeks ago, I issued a challenge to each of our supporters -- bring 50 new people into this campaign in time for the President's 50th birthday.

There are two days left for you to get the job done.

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You might think that 50 supporters in two days sounds like a lot -- and I'll admit that it isn't a small undertaking. But neither is the campaign we're trying to build.

And when you reach 50 by Thursday, you'll be automatically entered for the chance to attend the President's birthday event in Chicago next week.

It's an extra incentive to get moving -- but one I don't think you need. You've helped grow this movement before, so you know that campaigns don't just grow on their own. It takes time and commitment to bring in new supporters.

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Jeremy Bird
National Field Director
Obama for America

Quote of the Day: July 26, 2011

"If you weren't so stupid you would probably ask why the 111th Congress under Nancy Piglosi & Barry Obama didn't pass a responsible budget in 2008???? DUH!!! IDIOT!!!"

If you figured out what is wrong with this post, congratulations! You have at least some clue about what is going on!

Politifact: Obama is Right; Reagan Raised Debt Ceiling 18 Times; George W. Bush Seven Times

I am posting this in part to correct a previous statement that I made about Bush increasing it 17 times.  There is a lot of misinformation on time internet and that is why we need to rely on websites like politifact to help us sort through the information.
However, my larger point from the post still stands.  The debt ceiling was raised almost every year under Bush.  Obama hasn't raised it in the last two.  That is why I don't know why most Republicans won't consider raising it without HUGE cuts when they required nothing in the past.  Boehner says it is about our future, but not everyone agrees that making massive, immediate changes at gun point is the best way to decide our future.  It took a year to pass Obamacare and that was "rushed.  Now Boehner wants to decide the future of our nation in a month of failed negotiation.  We obviously need more time.  They obviously have voted to raise the debt ceiling before.  Do it again to buy more time.


Amidst Debt Ceiling Worries, Same Sex Marriage Gives Hope

Even though many are worried over the possibility of a major financial crisis, we have a reminder that life goes on.  The first same sex wedding are happening in NY, the first of which is an elderly lesbian couple.  After all these years they won what they deserved for years.  Hopefully we will we what we deserve, a decent Congress.  While we worry about the debt ceiling, let's be happy and celebrate these new American marriages!


Politifact: Incomes For Rich Growing Faster recently

Politifact ruled that the typical income growth for the rich as compared to the poor was much higher since 1970 that the decade prior.  What does this mean?  The rich are getting richer and the bottom is starting to drop.  I don't know what the government can do to help this short of making the minimum wage $15.00 an hour but the future of the economy isn't looking good.  When the poor get poorer they spend even less. That means companies make less money.  Then the rich start to get hit.  Do you see the economy improving?

New Republic: Obama Finally Drew The Line

"President Obama has been accused of trying too hard to appease the right, but on Friday it seems, he finally decided to stop. Jonathan Chait of The New Republic hopes the president continues to stop trying to compromise with unwilling Republicans and start making decisions." I think Obama conceded a little too much in the debt negotiations even though the GOP didn't bite. I am glad he didn't cave and give them everything they wanted. What do you think? Did Obama give up too much? Did he not give up enough? Did he go just far enough? What would you have done differently?


Senate Democrat's Emergency Deal Has No Tax Increases

2.7 trillion in cuts and no tax increases?  Yeah the GOP will probably go along.  The children have been whining for long enough that the parent gave in.  The only reason they may not like it is because of its size.  Republicans were looking for 4 trillion in cuts at lease.  Will they push us past August 2nd over a matter of 1.3 trillion?  I can't be sure but I hope not.


Apparently Republicans CAN'T Vote for a Debt Ceiling Increase

I was watching The Colbert Report last night (I am a couple weeks behind) and saw an interesting quote.

"It's hard for a fiscal conservative to vote on a debt ceiling increase." --- Eric Cantor

The 17 increases under Bush must have be EXCRUCIATING for them.  Who is stupid enough to believe him?  You literally have to be stupid to swallow that.  I don't understand how the GOP base sits there and allow this.  They can't all be stupid.  I believe that most of them are thoughtful, intelligent individuals.  I have to use the word "believe" here because I have no proof of that.  Get your act together GOP, stop voting for clowns.

Still No Debt Ceiling Deal

No debt deal hours before the US markets open...this could be a bad day for the stock market.  The deadline for any deal is tomorrow.  I hope they have a decent back up plan... I also hope that a back up plan wouldn't mean that the issue will never be resolved.


GOP Primary Update: Iowa and New Hampshire

There are new RCP Averages for the Iowa and New Hampshire Republican Primaries. The Iowa poll shows Romney will a decent lead over Bachmann and Palin in a close third. The New Hampshire Poll shows Romney with an overwhelming lead over second place Bachmann with Paul in a close third. Both polls indicate that Romney has a sizable lead and Bachmann holds second. Can Bachmann hold second?

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Message to the "Tea Party"

I have been reading the works of John Adams, Patrick Henry, and other patriots in honor of America’s founding. They faced a government that forced its citizen to house and feed troops with no promise of compensation. They faced a government that would tax them without giving them a say in how they where taxed or how their taxes would be spent. They faced a government that believed freedom was a gift given to the people by a benevolent king.

Today, there is a group that wishes to connect themselves to the original patriots. Drawing this comparison shows that they have no respect for the Founding Fathers. They feel that they are facing the same tryanny as the American colonists were in in 1700's. The so-called “Tea Party” should be the 'Pity Party'. They think they have it so bad, so they protest taxes over a matter of several percent. Not only is their argument over taxation petty, they have fair representation in the body that sets these taxes. If the majority of those residing in their district or state agree, they have a voice in government. If the majority of the nation agrees, their will becomes law. They are not being oppressed, they just don’t have the national support they need to lower their taxes by that several percent. They say they are fighting tyranny, but they are throwing a tantrum because they aren’t getting their way. They are like children: whining and throwing around concepts like tyranny that they will never fully understand.

This 4th of July, read Common Sense or American Crisis. Read some papers by the Founding Fathers so you know what oppression looks like. Or you can look to other present-day nations for even worse oppression. If you say the wrong thing in China, you can be sent to be 're-educated'. It is my hope that the Tea Party children will take my advice and grow up.