Hitler vs Obama. I don't know why I even have to explain this

If you think Obama and Hitler did the same things you are either ignorant of history or ignorant of the present.
Killed millions of his own people for being different:
Hitler: yes.  Obama: no.

Invaded other nations to gain their land:
Hitler: yes.  Obama: no.

Controlled media and literally killed free speech:
Hitler: yes.  Obama: no.

Negotiated with people who would have been his enemies:
Hitler: no.  Obama: yes/

Ended a war he didn't start:
Hitler: no.  Obama: yes.

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  1. Definitely sad that you have to explain that these two men are nothing alike.

    A much better case could be made that conservatives are guilty of being similar to Hitler. Nazi's were a political party and conservatives use many of the same tactics as they did.