Message to the "Tea Party"

I have been reading the works of John Adams, Patrick Henry, and other patriots in honor of America’s founding. They faced a government that forced its citizen to house and feed troops with no promise of compensation. They faced a government that would tax them without giving them a say in how they where taxed or how their taxes would be spent. They faced a government that believed freedom was a gift given to the people by a benevolent king.

Today, there is a group that wishes to connect themselves to the original patriots. Drawing this comparison shows that they have no respect for the Founding Fathers. They feel that they are facing the same tryanny as the American colonists were in in 1700's. The so-called “Tea Party” should be the 'Pity Party'. They think they have it so bad, so they protest taxes over a matter of several percent. Not only is their argument over taxation petty, they have fair representation in the body that sets these taxes. If the majority of those residing in their district or state agree, they have a voice in government. If the majority of the nation agrees, their will becomes law. They are not being oppressed, they just don’t have the national support they need to lower their taxes by that several percent. They say they are fighting tyranny, but they are throwing a tantrum because they aren’t getting their way. They are like children: whining and throwing around concepts like tyranny that they will never fully understand.

This 4th of July, read Common Sense or American Crisis. Read some papers by the Founding Fathers so you know what oppression looks like. Or you can look to other present-day nations for even worse oppression. If you say the wrong thing in China, you can be sent to be 're-educated'. It is my hope that the Tea Party children will take my advice and grow up.

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