Opinion: Why We Haven't Recovered

A lot of people are wondering why we haven't recovered fully from the recent recession.  Conservatives have been saying that Obama's policies will kill jobs.  When people hear that, they become uncertain of what tomorrow will bring.  Today may be their last pay check.  So they decide not to buy the car or the new house or the new expensive electronic.  The corporations see this drop in sales and also begin worrying about tomorrow.  Instead of hiring a new employee, they put money in the bank.  Instead of holding on to everyone, other companies let a couple people go to to ensure that will make a profit next quarter.  Now that people see these layoffs, they are even more worried.  This restarts the cycle of uncertainty.  Employers are also worried about the many European nations flirting with default.  If the global economy tanks next month, it wouldn't be a good idea to hire new people today.  If the debt ceiling problem is resolved there is no actual problem with the economy; the largest impediment to our recovery is uncertainty.  Every politician and personality saying that people will lose their jobs is adding to the fear and CAUSING these people to lose their jobs.  We don't need more uncertainty, we need more optimism.

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