State of the Union 2012 Live Blog

(10:14) Congress can learn something from troops: " look out for the person next to you or the mission rise or fall as one unit, serving one nation, leaving no one behind".

(10:11)  "America stays the safest country because of the men and women willing to defend it".  "We must serve them as well as they served us".  Obama increased VA spending every year. Obama proposed a Veteran Jobs Corp.

(10:10) Obama proposed plan to keep our military the best while saving a half a trillion dollars.

(10:09) America's commitment to Israeli security is "ironclad".  "America is back...anyone who says that America is in decline doesn't know what they are talking about.".

(10:08) America is against getting a nuclear weapon and Obama will taken no options off the table to ensure they don't.  A peaceful solution is the best one.

(10:05) Remnant of Al Queda are scrambling so we are leaving Afghanistan with a partnership with the Afghan government.

(10:03) Obama asks Congress to grant him authority to consolidate the executive branch. "We should all want a smarter, more effective government".  "When we act together there is nothing the United States of America can't achieve."

(9:59) Most Americans think Washington is broken.  Obama says you can't blame them.  There is a deficit of trust between Washington and the people.  "Send me a bill that bans insider trading by members of Congress and I will sign it tomorrow."  We need to limit fundraisers from being lobbyists.

(9:55) We need to get rid of tax cuts on the wealthy so we don't have to cut back on education in order to pay the debt.  Obama says that he and other wealthy people need to pay their fair share.  Taxes shouldn't go up on the middle class.  "Call this class warfare...most Americans would call it common sense".  Americans know it is not right to give the rich a tax break they don't need and by for it by passing the cost on the everyone else.

(9:54) We need to stop the tax hike on the middle class.  We need to pass this legislation without sideshows, drama or delay.

(9:53) We need to crack down on fraud.  Obama is creating a unit to hold those who caused the recession accountable and assess what went so terribly wrong.

(9:52) America will not bail the banks out ever again.

(9:51) We can't relent on regulations that we need to protect consumers and women.

(9:49) Fixed 500 regulations including one classifying milk as oil and requiring producers to show that they can contain a spill.

(9:47) Obama sending Congress a plan to refinance mortgages with the government; will be payed by a tax to the banks who need to repay "a deficit of trust"

(9:46) Obama will cut red tape that prevents construction projects from starting.  Congress needs to use the money we aren't using on war to pay down the debt and fund more construction projects.

(9:44) Since Congress hasn't acted on clean energy Obama will direct the departments of energy and defense to develop it.

(9:43) We need to end oil subsidies because these industries have never been more profitable.

(9:39) American oil production is the highest in 8 years.  Foreign dependence lowest in 16 years.  "Oil isn't enough".  We need to develop all types of energy.  Public research dollars were used to get private natural gas off the ground.  Renewable energy production nearly doubled, creating thousands of jobs.  "I will not walk away from the promise of clean energy".

(9:37) "Women should earn equal pay for equal work."  "Innovation is what America always has been about".  Help small businesses by expanding aid and reducing restricting regulations. "Both parties agree so get this in a bill and put it on my desk".

(9:36) Fewer illegal immigrants crossing.  Still we need to work on immigration reform.  Let's not deport illegals who want to build our economy.

(9:34) Congress needs to stop college loan interest rates from doubling in July.  It saves middle class families thousands of jobs.  Double work study programs.  States need to make college education and priority and colleges need to keep cost down.  "Higher education can't be a luxury".

(9:32) We need to give schools the resources to reward great teachers and allow them to teach well.  Every state should require all students to stay until they turn 18 so they don't give up too soon.

(9:31) States have raised their standards thanks to Race to the Top.

(9:28) Obama has lined up companies that want to partner with community colleges to train the people they need to hire.  We need to turn out unemployment system into a reemployment system.

(9:27) Trade enforcement unit to be created to make sure that China is playing by trade rules.  Congress should make sure that our businesses are never at a disadvantage.

(9:26) New trade agreements will double US exports.

(9:23) No tax breaks for outsourcing, tax breaks for moving back to the US.  All corporations need to pay taxes.  More tax cuts for manufacturing.  "Send me these tax reforms and I will sign them right away."

(9:22) CEO of Masterline said it now makes business sense to bring jobs back to America.

(9:20) We need to build an economy on energy, manufacturing and American values.  GM went from verge of collapse to being the world's number one auto maker, Chrysler is growing fastest and Ford is investing in American manufacturing.

(9:18) We lost 8 million jobs before Obama's policies took effect.  3 million jobs have been created in the past 22 months.  American manufacturers are creating jobs for the first time since the 90's.  Rules were put in place to make sure the recession will never happen again.  "The state of out union is getting stronger".  "I will fight inaction with action"/

(9:16) Everyone should play by the same rules.  We should "reclaim American values".

(9:13) No Americans fighting in Iraq.  Osama is no longer a threat to the US.  Some troops have begun to leave Afghanistan.  Our armed forces always exceed expectations.

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