Top 1 Stupidest #40dollars Tweet

  1. House plan gives  payroll tax holiday for 52 weeks, $1000. Senate for 8 weeks, $166. No comparison.
I was going to do a Top 10 list but this one was repeated so many times that I'd rather focus on this one.  Obama's original plan, in the American Jobs Act, was to increase the cut from 4.2% to 6.2% for a year.  House GOP voted it down.  Then the Senate Dems removed it from the American Jobs Act and wanted to pass it as a stand alone law.  House GOP voted it down.  Then they had to do something quickly or the cut would expire.  They needed a GOP deal to get it passed in the House.  50 Senate Dems and 39 Senate GOP passed a compromise where they were able to agree on enough funding to pay for 2 months.  This would give them more time to come back and find more money they could agree on.  House GOP voted it down.  The head Republican in the Senate gave it the thumbs up but the House GOP wouldn't vote on it even though it would mean a massive tax hike next year.  That is what really happened.   People need to get the story straight.


  1. Why did they have to wait till the end of the year to try to get this bill through?

  2. Obama offered the American Jobs Act on September 8th. It took until for that to fail, the second attempt to fail and for them to finally work out a bipartisan deal.

  3. well, if the Dems would have cooperated with Obama from the beginning the Americans would not have voted most of them out of the House…so now we have this mess.lexi