Message from DCCC: Turn up the Heat on Republicans

We promised it was going to be extremely hot for House Republicans in their home districts this August. With your help, we’ve delivered.

Across the country, we’re holding Republicans accountable for repeatedly choosing Millionaires over seniors’ Medicare and have them playing defense as they’re home in their districts.  Thanks to your amazing grassroots support, we beat our $100,000 rapid response goal for “Accountability August,” raising $125,263.

Your generous dollars are being put to work as we take the fight to Republicans with targeted advertising, billboards, door-to-door canvassing and grassroots organizing right in their home districts.

On behalf of the DCCC, I can’t thank you enough. As a token of our thanks, we’re pleased to bring you this latest edition of @Stake.
Republicans Face Angry Constituents During Accountability August

From town hall meetings to protests at their office, voters are once again outraged that House Republicans chose to protect Millionaires and Big Oil instead of protecting Medicare during the debt ceiling debate. It’s not a pretty picture for House Republicans back at home.

Check out some of the headlines:
  • Protesters decry Hayworth's vote on budget, Medicare [The Journal News]
  • Demonstrators rally outside Rep. Michael Grimm's New Dorp office [Staten Island Live]
  • Constituents let Gardner hear it in Loveland town hall meeting [Denver Post]
DCCC Chairman Israel’s ‘Bagel diplomacy’

In case you missed it, check out the recent story in the New York Daily News about our DCCC Chairman, Rep. Steve Israel. He has the DCCC off to a strong start, energizing supporters, House Democrats and strong recruits.
“Rep. Steve Israel has rebuilt the campaign coffers of House Democrats and recruited a roster of respectable candidates - in part with Bagel diplomacy.”
Find out more about Chairman Israel’s “bagel diplomacy” by checking out the full story.
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Hope you are enjoying the end of the Summer. Stay cool and let’s keep the heat on Republicans! Onward to victory,

Robby Mook
DCCC Executive Director
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POLL: Dems surge into 7 point lead

As voters learn more about Republicans’ extremist agenda, buyer’s remorse is clearly setting in. A new PPP poll this week shows that Congressional Democrats lead Republicans 47-40. The pollster’s reaction says it all:

“This 7 point advantage is the largest Democrats have had and if there was an election today [I] think that they'd take back the House.”

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