Rasmussen: 56% Wanted a Balanced Approach

Remember the GOP rhetoric that Obama was ignoring the will of the American people when a majority of the nation was against Obamacare because they thought it was single payer?  Guess what!  Republicans are ignoring the will of the people!  According to conservative pollster Rasmussen, 56% of Americans were looking for a balanced approach.  The Republicans REFUSED to take in any more money and did ONLY spending cuts.  That is not what the American people wanted.  If you thought that the Obama was ignoring the will of the people, then you have to admit that the GOP is ignoring it too.

Sources: http://www.rasmussenreports.co​m/public_content/politics/gene​ral_politics/july_2011/56_favo​r_a_congressional_candidate_wh​o_endorses_balanced_approach_t​o_debt_debate

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