Message from DCC: Fight GOP Deregulation

You need to see this: House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is set to launch an all-out assault on environmental and labor protections.

Cantor’s scheme is yet another Republican attempt to sacrifice clean air, clean water and workers’ rights at the altar of the Tea Party fringe and the GOP’s special-interest backers like the Koch Brothers.

With Congress set to re-convene next week, we must act quickly to fight back. We are just $64,961 short of hitting our $500,000 Republican Accountability Fund goal before the Federal Election Commission (FEC) deadline hits this Wednesday. Can you help put us over the top?

Details of Cantor’s memo to House Republicans were revealed in today’s Washington Post:
"House Republicans will roll out plans Monday to fight regulations from the National Labor Relations Board, pollution rules handed down by the Environmental Protection Agency and regulations that affect health plans for small businesses."
As we’ve learned in the Wisconsin labor fight and in Republican statehouses across the country, there is no substitute for grassroots Democrats standing up and fighting right-wing interests who are desperately trying to roll back some of the most important progressive victories of the past century.

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