Message from DCCC: Send a Message to Congress

What a powerful and overwhelming show of grassroots strength!

Shortly after Speaker Boehner irresponsibly quit budget negotiations with President Obama, we got the record-shattering 200,000th signer to our petition calling on Boehner and the GOP to stop holding the American economy hostage to secure tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires.

Then, after President Obama’s call last night for the American people to contact their Member of Congress, your overwhelming response actually crashed Congressional websites. Some Republicans’ phone lines are still jammed.

If you haven’t already, you can still send your message to Speaker Boehner by clicking here. If you have signed, you can help keep up the fight by forwarding this email to 3 of your friends and encourage them to add their names. You can also share the petition on Facebook and Twitter.

Now for a quick update on the latest ways you can hold Republicans accountable and some exciting news about our progress in our campaign to win the Majority.
West’s Shameful Tirade

Tea Party Republican Allen West sent a disgraceful e-mail outburst to Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, telling her to “shut the heck up” and saying she is “not a Lady” for daring to challenge the GOP plan to gut Medicare and Social Security to pay for tax cuts for billionaires.

On Friday, Democrats on Capitol Hill rallied around the Congresswoman, wearing pink “We stand with the LADY” buttons in a show of support. The buttons were so popular, we are making a limited number available online to our grassroots supporters.

Click here to get yours and show your support for Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz -- and outspoken Ladies everywhere.
Chairman Israel: We Have Exceeded Recruiting Expectations

After Democratic Congresswoman Kathy Hochul won a ruby-red district in Western New York, our “Drive to 25” campaign became “24 more to go.” We only need 24 seats to win the Majority.

And now Chairman Steve Israel has announced some exciting news: “we have exceeded all recruiting expectations.”

We have strong Democratic candidates running in 41 Republican and open districts -- exceeding our internal benchmarks for recruiting -- and are on the path to putting 60 Republican seats in play.

Stay tuned for more announcements of strong candidates in the weeks and months to come.

There’s so much more to come, as our fight to win the House is only beginning. With your tremendous grassroots support we’ll continue holding Republicans accountable for their reckless priorities, recruiting strong candidates, and laying the groundwork to win the House! Watch out for the next edition of @Stake for all the ways you can get involved.

Thanks again for your incredible support.

Robby Mook
DCCC Executive Director
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