Top 10 #40dollars Tweets

  1.  a week is groceries & gas for many of us 
  2.  pays part of my net and therefore I can continue my online classes to further my education. I couldn't do without it!
  3.  is one month’s electricity. As a recent grad, every dollar counts.
  4.  means that I can purchase additional school supplies for my students. It's been hard for my parents to purchase them
  5.  pays for a week of after care so my daughter doesn't have to stay home alone while I work.
  6.  covers the cost of my medicine for 4 months
  7.  an entire tank of gas. which gets me to and from work for an entire week.
  8.  means paying the copay on my son’s meds and diabetes supplies."
  9.  is the amount of money I try and donate a month to those who need it more.
  10.  helps me keep my 2 yr old in toddler music class. She loves it and it has given her more skills than just singing and rhythm.

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