Politifact Lie of the Year

A lot has been said about the Politifact Lie of the Year but here is the truth: Word choice is important to Politifact. If the claim was 'Republicans voted to end medicare as we know it" it probably would have been a mostly true to true statement. The GOP medicare will be a medicare that will pay 90% of your bills. That is useless to many seniors because they can't afford to pay a penny, but it is still there. Technically medicare would still exist, it would just exist as a watered down piece of crap that would leave millions of seniors uninsured. However this is different than the claim that it would go away and not cover anyone. Would medicare go away completely? No. That is what Politifact ruled was false. Would it become essentially useless? Yeah, but that is a different issue that Politifact wasn't commenting on.


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