Sen. Obama Promised to Withdraw from Afghanistan?

Official presidential portrait of Barack Obama...Image via WikipediaI have seen statements by Obama detractors saying that Obama's pledge to reduce Afghanistan troop levels by 33,000 in the next year is a disingenuous move, only done to partly fulfill a campaign promise. (I think these people should put the joint down, Ron Paul hasn't gotten it legalized yet anyway!) Then Senator Obama actually promised to send MORE troops in Afghanistan, not take them out.
"Our troops have fought valiantly there, but Iraq has deprived them of the support they need — and deserve," Obama said. "As a result, parts of Afghanistan are falling into the hands of the Taliban, and a mix of terrorism, drugs and corruption threatens to overwhelm the country. As president, I would deploy at least two additional brigades to Afghanistan to re-enforce our counterterrorism operations and support NATO's efforts against the Taliban."
Obama exceeded this promise with two troop surges. I don't know where these people are getting their information, but they better go elsewhere; Obama never promised to leave Afghanistan before this past Wednesday.

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