The GOP Thinks the Economy is a Joke

I was catching up on my reading when a certain article caught my eye. Apparently, the 'Democrat debt ceiling increase' defeated earlier this week was actually sponsored by a Republican. I thought this was odd so I kept reading. It all started to make sense when I discovered that it was more smoke and mirrors, it's chief sponsor Dave Camp (R-Mich) said "This vote, a vote based on legislation I have introduced, will and must fail." Seriously? How much more disingenuous can you get? Maybe I am jumping to conclusions, maybe this wasn't all theater...except he made a statement to Wall Street assuring them that this was nothing more than theater. I wish they would take this situation seriously. We didn't elect you to entertain us, GOP. Now if you are done putting on a show you can address some of the nation's problems for a change. You can't point fingers at Obama all day and do nothing but act.

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