Turn Right USA, Pathetic Liars

Los Angeles City Councilmember Janice Hahn cam...Image via WikipediaSometimes lies are so big and so outrageous that it is scary to think that people may believe them. A Conservative PAC 'Turn Right USA' said the following of Democratic congressional candidate Janice Hahn.
Janice Hahn hired hard-core gang members with taxpayer money to be 'gang-intervention specialists.' She even helped them get out of jail, so they could rape and kill again.
Politifact.com rated this false. I don't think this statement say anything about Conservatives, but I do think it says something about Turn Right USA. Nothing they say should be taken seriously unless you do some serious research first. The lie is so outrageous and so wrong; it shows the character of the people behind Turn Right USA. Pathetic.

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