Obama, Thank You For...

Many people should be thankful that Obama has been our president
  1. Up to 2.9 million people can thank him for still being employed thanks to the Stimulus
  2. The 50+ million school-age children and their parents should thank him for the extra $100+ billion investment in education and other education reform
  3. Young adults should thank him for allowing them to stay on their parent's insurance up to age 26, especially the additional 1 million that have been able to get it in the first year
  4. The ~10% of the workers that have jobs related to the auto industry should thank him for lending major companies money to hold them together; the taxpayer should thank him for making a profit on those loans
  5. The soldiers should thank him for being returned to their families from the pointless war in Iraq
  6. The millions of Americans who had their unemployment benefits extended beyond 30 weeks (7.5 months) should thank him for being able to pay their bills that much longer
  7. Those living on our southern boarder should thank him for increasing boarder security to its highest point in the history of the nation
  8. Women should thank him for giving them help in fighting pay discrimination


  1. My Facebook friend "Punk Patriot" wants to know this: Are you trying to say that those who don't support a president who claims the right to assassinate US citizens are IN-sane?
    So what is your opinion on Obama's policy that U.S. has the right to assassinate citizens who are terrorists?

  2. Thank you for the question. It actually means that those of us in this group support Obama and are sane. It is entirely possible that an Obama supporter can be insane and entirely possible that there are sane Republicans. I still believe that Ron Paul is a respectable man.

    On killing terrorist citizens: I am unsure of the specifics of the situation but I can see some situations where I could understand it.

    1) If he could successfully evade arrest and do irreparable harm to America
    2) If he was fighting arrest
    3) If we were not allowed by Yemen to bring in enough troops to effect his arrest.

    And I assume if he gets no credit for personally organizing and ordering the assassination of Osama then he deserves no blame for this.