Obama Jobs Speech Summary

American Jobs Act
  • Everything paid for
  • Purpose: Put people back to work
  • Tex credit for hiring
  • Tax credit for raising wages (small businesses)
  • Will be able continue making these breaks
  • Repair and modernize 15,000 schools
  • Thousands of transportation projections
  • Cutting red tape to speed projects
  • Thousands of teachers in every state to go back to work
  • Companies get tax credits to hire vets (15% of vets unemployed vs 9% national rate)
  • Summer jobs for low income Americans
  • Companies to get $4,000 in tax credits for hiring someone how has spent more than 6 months looking for a job
  • Extends unemployment insurance for another year
  • Typical working family will get 1500 tax credit
  • Will NOT add to deficit

1 comment:

  1. I thought (for a change) the President came out swinging and hit one home run after another! He told Americans to tell their Congressperson what they think, and he said he would take his Jobs Act to every corner of the country. He made the point that dismantling government not only isn't a good thing to do, but it isn't who we are as a country. Where would be without public schools or roads, for example, he asked? He said it's time to put politics aside, and not make this part of the the 2012 campaign because average Americans can't wait for the election, they need action now. He must have told Congress to pass this bill "right away" 10 times! He made the case that every point included in the Plan has been suggested by members of both parties and/or business organizations. I think he made it clear enough that if Republicans oppose this Jobs Act, it will be clear they are grandstanding (which, btw, Obama said he wasn't doing in this speech), not acting in the best interest of their constituents. He sounded pretty resolute, and this time did NOT sound like he was leaving it up to Congress, but actively tried to make a strong enough case that opposing this Act now was NOT advised.