Message from 'Obama for America'

A couple weeks ago, President Obama sat down for lunch with six of the campaign's summer organizers to thank them for their work and share some of the lessons he learned when he was a first-time community organizer himself.

He made the time because organizing is at the heart of this movement. It's how we're building our operation from the ground up over the next 14 months.

As we pause this weekend to celebrate the working men and women in our country who fought for the right to organize, it's worth taking a few minutes to listen to what the President had to say -- and think about how we'll organize this campaign in the months to come.

Labor Day has added significance in the political calendar -- it's seen as the moment when the race for the Republican nomination will really heat up.

That means we need to be prepared for even more false attacks on the President's record as our prospective opponents try to build their own campaigns.

But we'll win this election the same way we won the last one: through people stepping up locally, taking the lead in the communities they know best.

Some supporters will dedicate months to this campaign, while others will pop in for a few volunteer shifts here and there. Any time and expertise you can share helps grow this organization -- and brings people together to make our country greater.

That's a strategy our prospective opponents won't follow.

Watch the video, then sign up to volunteer in your community:

Our job from now until November 2012 is to keep working to bring more people into the political process. And that begins and ends with organizing.

Hope you have a great Labor Day weekend.

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