Why 5 People Support the American Jobs Act

  1. Americans need JOBS
  2. It is time to act to get americans back to work. Please stop worring about who will get the credit for doing something good for this country. Do the right thing for our country not your party!
  3. I AM one of those small business owners. My customers need jobs so they can have income to buy from small businesses like mine. It's time we ALL did our fair share. Pass this bill now!!
  4. We hemorrhaged jobs in 2008, and we have yet to recover even the ones we lost, let alone to put our country back on a path towards (sustainable) growth. That's what the American Jobs Act aims to do, and that's why I support it, and I urge you to support it as well. Economists may disagree on the magnitude of the impact on jobs -- ranging from 1 million to 2 million jobs created just in 2012 -- but I haven't heard one respected economist say that this bill would have a detrimental effect on the economy. Don't be obstructionist on this one, please. For our sake and for yours. We sent you guys to Washington to do a job, and you haven't done it.
  5. I broke my back five years ago and have been unable to work or redeive federal disability. They have made it impossible. I have no income yet am very capable, speak French, Spanish and have 35 years of experience. I keep putting out my resume, sometimes 20 a day, but no one calls me back. The phone just doesn't ring. I used to be able to work anytime, anywhere, I was a moneymaker...now I have to live most frugally from the kindness of strangers. Please invest the taxpayer money on the taxpayers, our infrastructure, roads, bridges, schools, postal, police, fire, school buses for free, all of these are Labor Intensive investments, rather than the Capital Intensive Defense spending.
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