Why 5 People Support the American Jobs Act: Part 2

  1. we the people need jobs. My husband was without a job for 2 years and has recently gained employment but earning 65% less than what he was making 2 years ago. I have been laid off 2 years coming this November and have been unable to find employment. Something has got to be done, if nothing is done the America we have known in the past that was successful may return too late for many Americans. So many families have lost their jobs, their homes. Some have turned to dishonesty to keep their families together.
  2. I know it's time to end the gridlocks and games in Washington
  3. Our country needs jobs. Stop trying to keep Amercans out of jobs, get it together and vote to bring jobs back to Americans!
  4. the need to put unemployed people back to work for additional revenue is simple common sense. To only consider reducing the debt will not get this country back on track.
  5. it will help both business owners and employees.The president has brought together several fantastic ideas from all across the political spectrum.Now is the time to act and help America's economy in any way possible.

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