Class Warfare

A couple quick points about "class warfare"

  • Obvious the bottom 60% of the population comprises of 60% of the population.  This is 1.5 times bigger than the remaining 40%
  • Even though 60% is greater than 40%, the Top 40% owns 36 times the wealth of the bottom 60%
  • Even though that 40% own 36 times more wealth, the top 40% pays less than 8 times more taxes.
  • Even though they pay proportionally less than the poorest 60%, increasing taxes on the top 40% is considered tax warfare by the Republicans

  • Can you see the top 400 compared to the 180,000,000 of the bottom 60% on the population graph?  Of course not.  The top 400 is 45,000 times smaller than the bottom 60%, the bar for the top 400 is 0.00009 inches wide
  • The 400 are 45,000 times smaller but have 4% more wealth.  You read that right, that 0.00001% of Americans has more wealth than the bottom 60%
Who is getting the short end of the stick?  Who is the class warfare against?

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