Obama and Job Creation

Data Source: bls.gov

Obama entered office late January 2009.  Considering he didn't have any time to pass any legislation in a the last few days of the month, the effects of this month are still on Bush.

  • In the 6 month span preceding Obama's presidency nearly 3.2 million jobs were lost.   The recession was in full swing and we were losing jobs at a faster rate every month.  
  • Obama passed the Stimulus in early February, his first full month as president.  Instead of following the trend of increasing job loss the next 6 months showed a near 20% improvement.   
  • The following 6 months showed an 80% improvement over the rate of job loss before the Stimulus
  • From this point on the economy started gaining jobs.  The economy gained over 2 million jobs in the latter 3 6 month groups.
  • The most recent 6 month period showed a 125% improvement over the pre-Stimulus economy

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