Republicans Against the American Jobs Act

How much is 0.5% of your taxable income?  If you had the option, would you pay that much to help do the following?

  • $10,000 - $50
  • $20,000 - $100
  • $30,000 - $150
  • $40,000 - $200
  • $50,000 - $250
  • $75,000 - $375
  • $100,000 - $500

Republicans unanimously voted against the American Jobs Act.  This means that they would not risk a tax increase of 0.5% on those with taxable income of other $1,000,000 a year to:

  1. Prevent over 200,000 teachers and first responders from being laid off.  Instead of teaching our children and saving lives they will be sitting at home collecting unemployment checks, paid for by your tax dollars
  2. Start fixing the over 2,700 miles of our nation's crumbling highways and bridges while putting some of the 2 million out of work construction workers back to work 
  3. Give small businesses the potential to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax refunds to incentivize hiring
  4. Fix  1/3 of schools while putting some of the 2 million out of work construction workers back to work .  44% of principals say that the poor condition of their school affect's the student's ability to learn.  
  5. Help America's vets find jobs
  6. Let impoverished children get a summer job to help pay the bills
  7. Give a tax credit to hire a long term unemployed American
  8. Extend unemployment insurance for millions
  9. Prevent middle class taxes from going up 1000
    1. Check this list to see what percent of your income that is.  The Republicans gave up a 0.5% tax hike for millionaires give to give you the following tax hire
      $10,000 - 10%
      $20,000 - 5%
      $30,000 - 3.33%
      $40,000 - 2.5%
      $50,000 - 2%
      $75,000 - 1.3%
      $100,000 - 1%
      $200,000 - 0.5%
      If you have less than $200,000 in taxable income a year then the GOP voted you a bigger tax increase than they were "protecting" the millionaires from
A little bit on the millionaires who, according to Republicans, can't take a 0.5% tax cut
  • 25 of the 100 top paid CEO's were paid more than their companies paid in taxes
  • 1470 millionaires paid no taxes in 2009
The most conservative economists said this would create hundreds of thousands of jobs.  The smallest estimate I have found: 600,000 jobs from this bill alone.  There were 56 paychecks to be had (14 months * 4 weeks a month) from the time Obama gave this to Congress.  It has been 7 weeks since, 7 paychecks later.  The Republicans have denied 600,000 people 4,200,000 paychecks.  Will they wait until the election is over?  That would mean a loss 33,600,000 paychecks to American families,.continued deterioration of our school and road, and more stagnation in the economy.  

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